No, we aren’t suggesting that the bear cubs are using the hoses as they are designed to be used, but the curators have found that the tough, strong firehoses (donated after their usefulness in fighting fires ends) are good for various purposes in the Wild Enclosures. For example, they put some along the sides of the platform in Wild Enclosure #3 to give the cubs something to grip while they play on the platform.

Always curious, Cosmo investigates the firehose edging.
Now it seems that he is vandalizing the firehose. Luckily, it is strong enough to resist cub vandalization.
It is even resistant to cubby chewing.
Cosmo tires of the firehose and moves on to try something else.
Cosmo decides to choose a tire on The Tire Bridge. (The tires are tough and strong, too.) Hops watches.
Hops thinks he would like that tire.
But Cosmo climbs in. Sorry, Hops, I was here first.
Here is what Hops thinks of that!
Cosmo settles down comfortably.
That was just too much – Biff! Bap! Thwack!
A bite and now they both fit.
But, like a child, Hops is tired of the game and bails.
Hops goes down to get breakfast.

Breakfast! Game ends and Cosmo follows Hops down.
All the cubs have the same idea – breakfast!

And what do you suppose they will choose to do next? Their attention spans are pretty short – so who can tell?