The five bear cubs in Wild Enclosure #4 have formed a cub family. Although only two of them (Lemon Drop and Cosmo) are actual siblings, they act like they are all from one litter. As we know, adult bears, especially males, are solitary for most of their lives, but when they are cubs, it is easy for them to bond with other cubs.

The cubs in Enclosure #4 often congregate at their pool during this hot weather. They drink the water to keep hydrated.
The tire water, from The Tire Bridge, is another source of a tasty drink.
In addition to drinking from the tires, Hops has become skillful in crossing the bridge. Note the “bones” of a deceased sapling.
A friendly meeting between Hops and Lemon Drop. They might be mistaken for a brother and sister.
Hops gives Lemon Drop a pat on her backside. Wonder how she likes that?
Cosmo, Lemon Drop’s actual brother, appears. We wonder if he had words for Hops.
Another cub was in on the story, it seems.

It is interesting to see how well the cubs adapt to their unrelated “siblings.” They wouldn’t be so receptive of the others if they were older, but it works for now.