Just like adult bears cubs send messages via scent deposits. Prost and Cheers Bear sent some cubby messages the other day, as we’ll see.

Prost Bear using the scratching post to send his scent to whoever comes by. Bears leave their scent via their paws.
His sister Cheers leaves a scent message as she climbs a tree and jumps to another tree nearby.
Cheers reaches for a leaf floating in the pool. Her eye-paw coordination is very good.
She gets into the pool to have a little salad. Bears eat many different kinds of vegetation.
Prost stretches out on a bed of peanuts.
Sibling sharing – both of them in the bed of peanuts. Good munchies!
Time for a drink of water. Peanuts make you thirsty.

These little cubs are doing well in their enclosure. They take full advantage of the amenities provided by the curators.