The weather has been hot and humid recently, but the cubs don’t seem to be bothered by it. In Wild Enclosure #3 the five cubs often stay in the trees until they come down to cool off in their pool.

It’s pool time!
Another cub descends from the trees and heads toward the pool.
All five cubs are down. Four boys are foraging, while Lemon Drop checks out the pool.
Lemon Drop straddles the safety log. Is this really comfortable?
Hops offers a helping paw (or something) but doesn’t push her in.
It looks like Lemon Drop has words for Hops. Maybe she thought he was being fresh.
She relocates herself to the resting platform, in the shade.
Paws in the air like she don’t care And she doesn’t think about modesty, either.
Brother Cosmo comes up to bother her.
Lemon Drop is relaxed and happy.

We can see that the cubs are thriving, healthy, and happy. All is good at ABR.