In our last post we showed how the five cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 spent a day with their Magic Log and the Cubby Pool (except for the one cub who doesn’t like getting into the pool). There is no such problem in Wild Enclosure #4, where both Prost and Cheers are fully enjoying their pool. It’s been so hot, that we would think every cub (yes, even Hops) would be diving into the water at every opportunity. Prost and Cheers, who are becoming more and more comfortable and happy with their enclosure, surely seem to take advantage of the water.

Prost and Cheers are enjoying their Cubby Pool.
There is an unwritten cub rule that the cubs must pummel each other before they leave the pool.
Pummeling completed, the siblings dash into the woods.

Next time we’ll try to have more photos of Prost and Cheers. Note the difference in water cleanliness when there are only two cubs swimming, instead of five!