The cubs in Wild Enclosure 3 love to use their “Magic Log” to run into and out of the woods. The log is hollow and big enough for the cubs to run through it, as they do in this series of photos. The reason we call it a magic log is that it can seemingly hold even more cubs than we have in the enclosure. Makes one think of a clown car in a circus.

There is the magic log, here pointed out as the Magical Cub Den. Watch the madcap adventures unfold.
These three cubs have come out of the log/den. The running cub is headed back to run through it again.
Here comes another cub out of the log.
A brawl erupts in the drinking tub, which doubles as a smaller pool.
Have you ever heard of shark cubs? They are only found in this area, and only in plastic pools.
All in the water except for one cub (we know who that is, don’t we?).
Raindrops fall – a shower for Hops?!
Not quite! See Hops dash for the trees.
Another cub follows – “Wait for me!”
A real downpour, and all five cubs are now up in the trees.

Bears are not averse to getting wet in the rain – after all, they live their lives outside. But sometimes it takes little cubs a while to get used to it. No telling – it may be that even the reluctant Hops Bear will overcome his dislike of the pool eventually. Stay tuned.