Every month on the 22nd we celebrate the Cubby Birthday, since it is definitely not a certainty that a bear cub will survive during his/her first year, and each month is a triumph. Today is the 6-month birthday of all of our current cub residents, so here are their individual portraits, in the order they arrived.

Hops, a Tennessee bear cub, was first to arrive at ABR. Hops is six months old!
Second on board this year was Barley Bear, from Kentucky. Barley is six months old.
Next up, also from Kentucky, was Bourbon Bear, who is now six months old.
The first female cub to grace ABR this year was Lemon Drop, from Tennessee. It’s her birthday, too.
Cosmo Bear, brother to lemon Drop, came along with her. They are both six months old.

As you know, these first five cubs are in Wild Enclosure #3. The next two are in Wild Enclosure #4.

Prost Bear, from Tennessee, is now six months old.
Prost’s sister, Cheers Bear, also from Tennessee and also six months old.
Every birthday is a momentous occasion for bear cubs!

We wish these cubs as well as all of our previous cubs and yearlings a happy birthday, and continued healthy lives wherever they are.