After their recent release into Wild Enclosure #4, siblings Prost and Cheers Bear are settling in and adjusting to their new home in the wild enclosure. Their mama taught them well, as shown by their shyness in coming out of the area where the trees are most dense. As they explore, the two cubs stay very close to trees or climb up in them.

They have explored the platforms, but seem to prefer the tree trunks that are more familiar.
They stay close to tree trunks, even when on a platform.
Both cubs try out the platform.
The arrow points out where the cubs stay, inside the tree line, just like their mama taught them. Good bears!
This gives us a better idea of where the sibling cubs may be found.

Meanwhile, in Wild Enclosure 3 next door, Lemon Drop has altered the all-male dynamic since she entered the enclosure. There’s something about a girl……..

Lemon Drop surveys Wild Enclosure #3. The boys (brew-mates) didn’t warm up to Cosmo, but when Lemon Drop arrived they changed their attitude.
The cubs get together to swim in the Cubby Pool and create a batch of Cubby broth.

We will watch as the cubs become friends, learn new games, and try new things. All of these cubs get the zoomies frequently and tear around the enclosure. Lots of fun and adventures lie ahead.