Now that Lemon Drop has joined her brother and the three “Brewmates” in Wild Enclosure #3 we will take a look at how things are going.

Cosmo, in the tree at the left, must be a scary bear! The three boy cubs reacted to him by climbing up another tree and keeping their eyes on him.
The reunion between Cosmo and Lemon Drop when she arrived in the enclosure.
They started playing and wrestling right away, and seemed happy to be together again.
The first picture that included all five of the cubs.
Hops Bear in the underbrush.
Barley taking a soak in the drinking tub. It is a good size for a cub to soak in.
Bourbon gets in the tub next.
Bourbon gets out to dry off.
Cosmo takes a turn in the drinking tub.
Cosmo really likes the tub!
The newest arrivals – Prost and his sister Cheers – have finished their worm medicine now. In no time they will be outdoors in a Wild Enclosure. We wonder whether they will join the others or go into an enclosure of their own.

Curator Tori created this chart to show which cub is where, and how much they weighed at their most recent weigh-in. The colored highlights show sibling cubs.

The chart should help with identifying the cubs. In another day or two we’ll see where #339 and 340 go, and we’ll watch as cubby friendships form.