Lemon Drop Bear returned to UTCVM for a recheck and the vets proclaimed her healthy! The hairline fracture of her Zygomatic arch has mended and the wound from the abscess has also improved so much that she was given the OK to be released into the Wild Enclosure to reunite with her brother and to meet Hops, Barley, and Bourbon.

Before her UTCVM trip, Lemon Drop was snoozing in the Hartley House.

Relaxation! The curators were very glad that she tolerated the confinement.
Lemon Drop wasted no time in stepping out of the gate.
A big leap and she was headed for the trees.
The three boys were unaware of who was headed their way.
Barley is the picture of innocence.
Barley investigates the vertical den.
He investigates further, climbing into the den, head first!
Cosmo, Lemon Drop’s brother, tears up a rotting log to find yummy insects and larvae.
Hops sprawls on the ground to munch some peanuts and other tasty treats.
Bear cubs can usually be found very close to trees.

It will be fun to see how the three boys react to the first girl in their territory. Stay tuned for updates.