Although his sister, Lemon Drop, is back in the Hartley House following her trip to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, Cosmo had moved out into the Acclimation Pen. After three days Cosmo was pacing along the fence, and showing that he was curious about the other side of that fence and the little bears that he could smell out there. He was showing that he wanted OUT!

Cosmo was letting the curators know that he was tired of being in the Acclimation Pen.
The gate was raised and Cosmo headed to the opening.
He stopped short and it was like “No way!” when confronted with the open gate.
A couple of minutes later, Cosmo took a cautious step.
He was outside in no time!
This was the last view of Cosmo by the camera as he rounded the corner of the Acclimation Pen.
He disappeared into the underbrush.

Now we wait to see the meeting of Cosmo and the other three cubs – Hops, Barley, and Bourbon. Luckily little bear cubs , even from different families, bond quickly. We’ve seen this happen with the three unrelated boy cubs, and now a fourth will join the group. It will be fun to watch!