A few days ago, when Lemon Drop and her brother Cosmo were due for release into the Wild Enclosure, the little female cub had an unfortunate meeting with a wasp in Hartley House. The two cubs didn’t know it, of course, and they were continuing their acclimation to the Hartley House and their captivity.

The sibling cubs snuggled together.
The curator noticed Lemon Drop had a swollen snout.
The curators examined the footage frame by frame and found this – a wasp hovered above the food bowl.
Poor little Lemon Drop was stung!

The footage was sent to UT, where the vets checked it and prescribed Benadryl for Lemon Drop. That meant separating the two sibling cubs.

Cosmo ran into the other room when a curator appeared.
Cosmo wondered why his sister didn’t follow him.
Lemon Drop was sad (and sleepy).

Cosmo was sad without his sister and the curators felt bad about their little injured cub. Hopefully the Benadryl will provide quick healing for Lemon Drop and she and Cosmo will be able to join the other cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 very soon. Stay tuned.