We began the story of the three cubs’ introduction to Wild Enclosure #3 in our last post. To continue the story – if you recall, everyone was out in the enclosure.

The bears went out to explore the perimeter of their new, large space.

Hops was first to try and climb the “Forbidden Tree.” Something about that tree just attracts cubs like a magnet.

The three cubs foraged in the grass. Curator Quanah had placed a couple of food bowls out for them, but it was good to see that they began their food search by foraging in the grass, ignoring the bowl at first. Good bears!

After a while they did check out the bowl, to see what was there.

Of course, the contents of the bowl must be finished off.

The Forbidden Tree attracts a cub yet again.

Yikes! Two cubs are trying to master the Forbidden Tree! The (smart) third cub has the food all to himself.

One hungry cub, eating from the bowl.

All at once, the little bears disappear into the underbrush.

They haven’t discovered their large Cubby Pool yet, but they will.

They did find one of the culvert dens and are utilizing it. After a busy day of exploration, they needed a nap!

Watch for their next discovery and see what they do in the Wild Enclosure. By the way, if you are curious about the growth of the cubs, here are some stats: Hops Bear weighed 2.64 pounds when he arrived on April 12; on June 11 he weighed 18.2 pounds! Next to arrive was Barley Bear. On April 26 he weighed 5 pounds; on June 11 he weighed 18.4 pounds! Last to arrive was Bourbon bear, who weighed 5.1 pounds on April 29. On June 11 he weighed 17.6 pounds! They are certainly off to a great start at ABR. Stay tuned.