It was an important day for the three little bear cubs at ABR. They were scheduled for a visit to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine to get their ear tags and have their progress checked. Turns out the progress has been excellent. Hops Bear (#333) weighed 2.64 pounds when he arrived on April 12th. On May 18th he weighs 9.75 pounds. Barley Bear (#335) weighed 5 pounds on the 26th of April when he arrived. On May 18th he weighs 10.14 pounds. Bourbon Bear came on April 29th and weighed 5.1pounds. On May 18th he weighs 9.47 pounds. The exam went well; the cubs are healthy. And now, to make it easier for the curators to tell them apart, they received temporary colored ear tags in their left ears. Hops has a red tag, Barley’s tag is blue, and Bourbon sports a green ear tag. Now the curators will be able to tell them apart at a glance.

The cubs were up early for their “visit the vets” day.

Though the exam went well, the cubs didn’t enjoy the experience, and used cubby cusswords to indicate their displeasure.

Curators Tom and Quanah captured the cussing cubs and put them into carriers for the trip to UT.
There was more bad language from the cubs on their return from the vets’.
The color-coded cubs are easy to distinguish from one another.
Curator Coy cleans up the cubs’ mess.
The cubs were hungry and anxious to eat.
The cubs hid under their tepee as long as the human (Coy) was there.
Hops was the first cub to get to the food.
He went back to tell the others that the coast was clear and food was served.
Bourbon joins Hops at the buffet.
At last, all the cubs are eating and their world is good.

At least with the colored ear tags we (as well as the curators) will be able to tell the three baby bears apart. All is well in ABR Cubby Land.