We have a series of photos today that show how the cubs are utilizing everything at their disposal in the Hartley House to practice skills they will need in the wild. They are staying busy! And safety is not their main concern, much to the chagrin of the curators and other adults in the room.

Don’t be fooled. This is just a break from a session of zoomies.
They start again at the new climber that Curator Coy added to their room.
And the race begins! The zoomies are starting!
One cub tries using the ball as a stepladder – NOT a good idea! Actually, he fell, picked himself up and got back on the ball.
Look at me! I’m the king of the forest!
Testing their balance and coordination. Looks pretty good to us!
There is something about this gate that fascinates Hops.
The cubs grab a snack on the run.
“Let me smell what you’ve been eating.” This is the way bear cubs learn what foods are good to eat. They smell the foods their mothers eat in the wild.

Speaking of the wild, let’s take a look at the wild enclosures. If all goes according to plan, the three cubs will be ready to go into one of them in about a month.

Look how lush the greenery is! Who would have thought it would look like this after the 2020 cubs destroyed everything!
Another wild enclosure, ready for cubs.
We can’t wait for the cubs to see what awaits them!

We can see that the three little bears are thriving in the Hartley House, as they practice skills they will need when they are outside. It will be a treat to watch them enjoy their wild habitats. Stay tuned.