The curators are expanding the cubs’ menu by adding new foods. If they were still in the wild with their mothers, these little guys would be nursing, so mom’s milk would be their main dietary item. As they followed her around, she would be introducing them to tastes of the foods that she eats, but they wouldn’t eat much of those foods as yet. However, at ABR, to avoid human habituation of our cubs who will return to the wild, the curators increase the variety quickly. As you saw, they have already been weaned from their bottles. They are eating yogurt, both plain and fruit-flavored (they like that best) mixed with the bear milk replacement formula and a few berries, plus lettuce leaves. A brand new item is a rotting log that is filled with lovely insects and larvae! Mother bears introduce these to three-month-old cubs, because insects are a dietary staple for bears and are their main meat (protein) source. The cubs in Hartley House were delighted with the log, even though their moms had not yet showed insects to them. It’s a natural choice.

Here is how their day went, beginning with their sleeping arrangements overnight.

The three cubs slept together in a cubby pile.
They didn’t stay still, though. They shifted positions several times.
It seemed that they maintained a central orbit as the night wore on, still staying together.
Here is one of their rooms in Hartley House at the beginning of the day.
After the cubs were added, the neat room didn’t last!
It didn’t take long for them to empty the bowls (and tip them over).
The rotting log proved popular. The cubs set to work shredding it, to get at the goodies within.
One of the cubs confronts the large climby thing and prepares to murdalize it.
Suddenly, the zoomies struck and the cubs responded.
Zoomies inevitably lead to a brief rest (collapse).
The key word is “brief.” After a few minutes to recharge, they start to zoom again!

And such is the life of a bear cub at ABR. And it’s easy to see what is ahead for the curators – more cleaning, more preparing and serving foods, etc., etc. And for us, it’s fun to watch them!