We said that it wouldn’t be long before Bourbon Bear would join the other two cubs in the Hartley House, and sure enough – on May 4th, Curator Coy arranged the move. Bourbon’s mama taught him well; he doesn’t want anything to do with humans.

Wearing heavy duty welders gloves, Coy reaches into the pen to get Bourbon.
Bourbon says “no way!”
Using a mama bear technique, Coy grabs Bourbon by the scruff of his neck to put him into a carrier. Bourbon puts up a big fuss.

Coy won out, and soon Bourbon Bear was in the Hartley House.

The first thing he did was to check out the climbing thingy.
Bourbon climbed up to the top of the climber.
Uh-oh! Gravity at work – Bourbon lands on his caboose.
Bourbon ventures into the other room, where Hops and Barley are sleeping,
He retreats, going back to the first room and leaving the sleeping cubs alone.
Later he returns, showing some interest in the other two cubs.
He seems to change his mind. Maybe he’ll make contact later.
Bourbon approaches the sleeping(?) cubs.
The wrestling begins!
Biff! Bam! Boom! Kapow!
After a few hours of wrestling, three exhausted cubs fall asleep in a cubby pile.

It would appear that the three cubs will be friends. We’ve seen before how cubs seal their friendships with a good wrestling match, or several matches. Watch this space to see how their friendship develops!