After just a few days at ABR, little Hops Bear has trained the curators to do his bidding! He awakens when his tummy tells him it’s time to eat, and he passes the message on to the curators, who respond quickly.

Hops sleeps on his stuffed friend.
He is awake, and hollering for his next meal. If you watched the video a couple of days ago, you heard how loud he is!
Curators Tory and Quanah respond to his cries.

Because he was chugging his bottle too fast, they have increased the strength of his formula, which was at 50%, to 75% bear milk replacement formula and 25% water. He seems to be happy with the stronger formula.

Like a resort that serves champagne in an ice bucket, ABR serves formula in a warm bucket. Hops is watching it.
After eating and being cleaned up, Hops dismisses his “staff” to do their other chores.
Naptime for Hops. He’ll sleep until he’s hungry again.

Isn’t it amazing how a tiny little bear cub can so easily and quickly train the curators to do his bidding? Stay tuned to see what he teaches them to do next!