Not long ago we shared a tour of Enclosures #1 and 2, in which Curator Quanah joined Curator Janet to show how the two enclosures have been readied for this year’s bears. Today we have a tour of the remaining enclosures – #3 and #4. This time Curator Matthew joins Janet for the tour.

These two enclosures and their Acclimation Pens adjoin The Cub House, an earlier version of the Hartley House in Enclosures #1 and 2. As was true of the first enclosures, the work that has been done improves the habitat for the cubs and yearlings yet to be admitted. Curator Matthew explains the features of the pens and the enclosures, giving us a good idea of what has been done and how the improvements will enhance the experience for the bears.

Click here to “take the tour” of Wild Enclosures #3 and #4.