While we wait for ABR to admit a cub or yearling, we thought you might enjoy seeing what goes on inside a den with a mother bear and two cubs. This video was taken in April, 2013. Lily the black bear was filmed as part of a study by the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota. You will notice that there was snow on the ground even in April. You’ll also notice that, although there is sound with the video, the cubs make little or no sound. We have seen at ABR that bear cubs play silently, the reason being that they do not want to attract attention to themselves from possible predators. There are two more videos, each one a few days later, so it gives us an idea of what goes on inside a typical den with a mother bear who wants to sleep and two cubs who are becoming rambunctious. Click here to watch the action. Then come back for the next chapter in the story.