After just three days at ABR, our little South Carolina cub, Wofford Bear, has returned to his home state to meet his new bear family. Although it seemed unlikely, the SCDNR officers were diligently seeking a potential foster mother for the little cub. One was found – a denning female who had two cubs of her own, all healthy.

Wofford Bear at ABR just before he returned to SC.

Time was of the essence, since some mother bears are already leaving their dens with cubs in tow. It was imperative that Wofford’s trip to SC be made as quickly as possible.

Curators Matthew and Coy get Wofford ready for travel.

TWRA Wildlife Biologist Dan Gibbs was designated as the driver to take Wofford to meet his new family.

TWRA Wildlife Biologist Dan Gibbs signed the transfer papers before taking the cub to South Carolina.
Off they go! The truck carrying Wofford leaves ABR.

The wildlife officers reported that when they reached the den site, the sow accepted Wofford immediately, and before they left they observed him nursing alongside his new siblings. They could hear the three cubs trilling as they nursed. It is especially gratifying to see Wofford accepted into a new bear family, because, as a solo cub at ABR he tried hard to get his stuffed playmates to interact with him, without success. We are sure that he will find willing wrestling partners within his new family! Good luck, Wofford (and your new family). We hope you live a long and healthy life in the wild!

We’ve said before, for a cub to be raised by a mother bear is the best possible outcome for a little bear. Thanks to the diligence of wildlife officers in each state, ABR has been exceptionally fortunate this year in fostering the cubs who have come to us.