The curators are learning the habits, likes, and dislikes of Wofford Bear, our South Carolina cub. Although the SCDNR is still trying to locate a foster mother for him, as time goes by it becomes more difficult, and more likely that this little cub will spend the next few months in Tennessee.

One of the things they have learned about Wofford is that he likes to be fed outside of his pen, supported by a curator sitting on the floor. He wants his bottle nipple warmed up! Wofford seems to alternate between taking a lot of his bear milk replacement formula at one feeding, and much less at the next feeding. He still needs help with his plumbing, as we showed yesterday in the photo of Curator Coy wiping him with a warmed wet wipe to stimulate him to eliminate after eating. Wofford likes to explore his pen, although he is still pretty wobbly on his feet. He will become stronger as he practices his skills.

Curator Janet demonstrates the preferred feeding method for Wofford.

After his feeding, Wofford ventures into the “Cub-Eating Cave,” so named because it causes cubs to disappear inside it.
It seems that Wofford has been devoured by the cave, causing it to belch. Soon, it will spit him out.
Wofford’s revenge for being eaten is to climb on top of the cave and squish it.

We’ll watch as Wofford Bear continues his development for as long as he resides at ABR. It’s always interesting to see how each individual cub tackles their growth and development. Each one is a little different.