Today we have a series of photos that show how ABR curators care for the tiny cubs who have to be fed every 2-3 hours around the clock. Curator Matthew was on duty overnight.

Curator Matthew starts by feeding one cub while the sibling sleeps.
The second cub is awake and ready to be fed next.
Cub #1 goes back to sleep. Matthew is getting ready to feed Cub #2.
After they are both fed, they sleep together.
Time for the next feeding. Same procedure repeated.
One at a time, feed, stimulate to eliminate waste, cleanup, back to sleep.
The siblings are sleeping again (but for how long?)

Meanwhile, outside . . .

The curators have cleared the enclosure and tilled the ground. Now it’s time to plant. With rain expected soon, the planting must take place right away.
Here they are – Big Al and Aubie Bear from Alabama!

The AL wildlife officers are still trying to find a possible surrogate mother (or two) but for as long as they remain in our care, ABR will keep them fed and safe.