Let’s look back at the last two little yearlings who were released on February 2, 2021.

Marmalade Bear was rescued in Kentucky after a traffic accident took her mother and siblings and she was brought to ABR in late July, 2020. She was just just six months old, and weighed 10.6 pounds. The officers mentioned that she was the smallest of the cubs in the family, and she proved to be the smallest of all the ABR cubs of 2020.

Little Marmalade arrived at ABR on July 30, 2020.
Curator Janet had to stop on the way to UT to get some emergency honey for Marmalade.
Her blood sugar was very low, so she was treated at UTCVM and then returned to ABR.
She slept soundly in Hartley House after her tiring day.
Soon she was released into Wild Enclosure #1.
Though small, she was a feisty little bear.
Like Clover, Marmalade was interested in the cable that held the swingy ball.
Marmalade grew and became plump – a chubby cubby.
The time had come for Marmalade to return to Kentucky.
Curator Coy applied the lip tattoo.
Comparing paws – Marmalade’s paw on Curator Janet’s hand.
She weighed 52.5 pounds – small, but a healthy weight for a smaller bear.
Aralia Bear was seven months old when she arrived in early September. She weighed 26.6 pounds, a very healthy weight for a cub of that age.
She didn’t like being confined in Hartley House (or anywhere else). She demolished her bed!
She was slightly happier when she went into Acclimation Pen #1….
….But she was much happier when she was out in Wild Enclosure #1.
She took off running!
She chubbified very nicely. Look at that tummy!
She stayed busy eating.
She was a fine looking young bear.
She interacted with other cubs in her enclosure.
She was ready to go, but developed a problem with her fur. She took on a two-toned coloration and had to be given antiparasite medicine and return to Hartley House.
At least she had Clover for company. They were there until almost time for release.

Although we’ve shared the workups for Clover and Marmalade, we can’t do that for Aralia, because there wasn’t one!

Aralia didn’t respond to the immobilization drug, and rather than keeping her captive to schedule another release date, it was decided to let her go without the usual workup procedure.
So we bid farewell to Aralia Bear – no more confinement! Off she goes to her wild home.

Thus ends the story of the ABR 2020 bears. It’s been a busy year, and we are glad to report on the many successful releases. Now we wait for the first cub of 2021 to arrive (not too soon, we hope). The cubs of 2021 are being born as we say good-bye to the last of our 2020 cubs-now-yearlings.