The time has come for our three yearlings to return to the wild, where they belong. The curators have coordinated with TWRA (for Aralia) and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife (for Clover and Marmalade) to make plans.

It was a snowy, cold day and Clover and Aralia were in their ground nest/daybed and Marmalade was in a tree. The curators wondered if the yearlings could be lured out of their beds and into the Acclimation Pen. Curators Tom and Matthew tied donuts on the fencing around the pen for Wild Enclosure #4. Curiosity led Clover and Aralia inside.

Two curious yearlings in Acclimation Pen #4.
They did some exploring, but didn’t eat the donuts!
Clover wandered into The Cub House.
Aralia went into the other room.

The Cub House, which wasn’t used this year, is too small to hold the three big girls overnight, so they had to be moved to Hartley House.

When Marmalade finally showed up, the Acclimation Pen gate was closed.
We think the Hartley House seemed familiar to Aralia and Clover. They will have the use of all three rooms.
Marmalade was moved, too. She was in another room, but the three bears will have the run of the place until time for their release.

So if all goes as planned, tomorrow will be the Big Day for these three yearlings, as they will be returned to their wild homes. Don’t miss it!