With the three remaining 2020 cubs, now yearlings, sharing Wild Enclosure #4, let’s see what is going on with them. Aralia is back to her pacing routine. Even though it’s not constant, she paces enough that the curators are very much aware that she wants to go home. They are working with TWRA to try and arrange for a release sooner rather than later. Acclimation Pen #4 is open, to encourage the bears (particularly Aralia) to enter and eat the treats inside.

These three yearlings seem to prefer to sleep on the ground, in daybeds.
Sometimes they sleep in separate daybeds, and other times, they sleep in a pile. It’s hard to see them behind the tree, but they are together in a daybed at this time.
Clover excavates a hole. Aralia is nearby, but Marmalade is at the other end of the enclosure.
Clover sits in her hole, even though she doesn’t fit too well. Marmalade is still at a distance.
Aralia takes a nap in the bushes.
All three yearlings are seen in this photo.
Aralia resumes her pacing. She may keep this up for an hour at a time.
Curator Quanah drops straw into the enclosure, to cover the path that Aralia uses. It is hoped that the change of texture under her feet may alleviate the problem somewhat.
Curious, Clover and Aralia investigate the straw.
Aralia stands up to get a better look and sniff of the straw covering her path.
Here is Acclimation Pen #4, ready to receive visitors. Note the open gate.
There is plenty of food to entice the yearlings, as well as straw on the platform, in case they want to sleep inside.

We know that Aralia Bear does not like the Acclimation Pen, but we’re sure that some really tempting treats will be scattered inside. Maybe they will do the trick. Stay tuned.