Just as is true of humans, bears are different and make their own choices of sleeping arrangements, activities, and socializing. Clover is very social, although she entertained herself in Hartley House when she only had the stuffed bears to socialize with. Marmalade likes her solitary time, and even when she shared the enclosure with seven other cubs, she sometimes withdrew and spent time alone. Aralia is showing signs of stress in her pacing.

The three yearlings often rest and nap close to each other. It’s hard to see Marmalade in this photo – she’s at the base of the tree on the right.
Now we can see Marmalade, as she gets up to move a little further away.
Aralia gets up to move, and performs her version of the yoga pose “Downward Dog” (maybe we should say “Downward Bear.”) Clover is out of the frame, where the yellow arrow points.

Aralia starts to pace, following one of her favorite trails. Clover is staying nearby.
Soon, Clover joins Aralia, to walk with her. Clover seems to sense Aralia’s discomfort, and tries to help by distracting her.
It’s hard not to anthropomorphize when seeing such a clear example of caring.
The two bears forage together .
Then they rest in the sunshine together.

As we stated above, this was such a display of kindness by Clover, that we can’t help but feel that Clover really does understand her friend and care about her. We are sure she will be an excellent mother someday.