In our last post we showed how Marmalade Bear was moved into Wild Enclosure #4. Then, Clover and Aralia were moved to join her, finally getting out of the Hartley House. We are sure that they are happy about this new situation, but before it actually happened they were unaware of the changes to take place.

In their last hours in Hartley House, Clover and Aralia played on their bed.
Clover checked out the Visiting Vents, and was very likely surprised that she couldn’t smell Marmalade. As we learned, Marmalade was being transferred to Enclosure #4.
The gate between the rooms of Hartley House was closed, preventing the cubs from leaving this room.
The two cubs took a nap together on the bed.
All at once they noticed that the other gate was open, leading out.
Aralia headed for the newly opened doorway. (The toy bears seem to be relieved, and who can blame them?) Note the tool that was used to encourage Aralia to move out. It is self explanatory, we think.
Clover followed Aralia, much to the delight of the toy bear companions.
Clover entered the Acclimation Pen. She weighs 73 pounds now.
She saw the gate open to the Wild Enclosure, and headed straight for it.
Soon she stepped out into Wild Enclosure #4.
After her long recuperation, Clover is outside again!
Aralia peeked out into the Acclimation Pen. Remember, she was very stressed the last time she was in such a pen, which was why she ended up with Clover in Hartley House. What will she do this time?
She dashed! Faster than a speeding bullet, she was through the Acclimation Pen and out into the enclosure! (By the way, she weighed 79 pounds).
So now, just as they become yearlings, all three of the bears are together in the newly upgraded Wild Enclosure #4! Happy Birthday to all three of these girls, and to the rest of the ABR cubs who were released.

Another ABR year is almost over, as these three just-turned-one-year-old bears are the last ones left. We’ll see how they work out their social interactions going forward.