It was a very busy day for curators and an exciting one for our three cubs/now yearlings. Everybody moved to new quarters! The curators finished up the work they had been doing on Wild Enclosure #4, to ready it for bears. Marmalade entered Acclimation Pen #1 (with the enticement of sardines in chicken baby food and a honeybun). She was effectively trapped in the pen, where she spent the night on the firehose hammock , ending up inside the culvert den to sleep into the morning.

Marmalade enjoyed the hammock, even managing to take her ball up there.
She explored the upper level of the Acclimation Pen.
She curled up inside of the culvert den and was there well into the morning.

At that point, the curators got her into a transport carrier, and moved her down to the newly- refurbished Wild Enclosure #4. She voiced her displeasure at being moved, protesting loudly with much cubby-cursing.

They were able to weigh her; she weighs 53 pounds. She entered Acclimation Pen #4 and looked around.
But not for long – in no time, she was dashing out the gate into Wild Enclosure #4, and up the nearest tree.
Off she goes!

Our next post will tell you how the other two cubs (now yearlings) were transferred to the wild enclosure. Don’t miss it!