We’ve watched the cub population diminish recently, as bears were released back to their wild homes in Kentucky and Tennessee. Now, there are just three cubs remaining, two Kentucky cubs and one Tennessee cub from the northeast corner of the state.

Clover Bear, from KY, was destined to spend the winter at ABR, due to the problems with her leg and foot that required her to return to the University of Tennessee vet school a couple of times. Although the infection that was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication has greatly improved, she still appears to limp occasionally.

Marmalade is another KY bear. She was the smallest cub in residence, and it seemed that she would be a good companion for Clover, so the plan was for the two of them to remain.

Aralia is from a county in the farthest northeastern county of Tennessee. She was in an Acclimation Pen, in preparation for her workup and release, but she became so stressed by the confinement and the fact that she could see the Wild Enclosure but was unable to get out of the pen, that she was brought into the Hartley House. Although this seems counter-intuitive because Aralia is now more confined than she was before, Clover’s presence and the chasing and playing that she initiated has seemed to alleviate the stress.

Marmalade, alone in the enclosure, has stacks of fragrant Christmas trees in which to hide and play.
She is comfortable with going in and out of the Acclimation Pen. She entered to eat her breakfast this day.
Clover and Aralia have been chasing each other and playing. The toy bear (Not Clover, you may recall) has taken a beating, leaving it Exhausted!

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