We greatly appreciate the TWRA officers, David Sexton and Scott Reasor, who shot video footage at the release site for the Rainbow Triplets. The cubs were so quick that we are posting some still photos taken from the video. Otherwise, you might miss the drama!

Indigo was the first to leave the transport carrier.

He’s in there, but we can’t see him quite yet…….
Here he comes!
And there he goes!

Lavender’s turn is next.

Lavender was anxious to get on her way.
She didn’t hesitate to jump down from the truck.
And off she goes – good luck, Lavender!

Triplet #3, Juniper, the largest of the trio, is next.

The third Triplet, Juniper, is ready to go.
He exits with a mighty leap.
Go, Juniper! Have a happy life in the wild!

With the release of the Rainbow Triplets, the ABR population is down to three cubs – Clover, Marmalade, and Aralia. Clover and Marmalade were scheduled to stay the winter; Aralia joined Clover in the Hartley House after she was very stressed in the Acclimation Pen, where she could see, hear, and smell the outdoors but was prevented from being there. We shall see how the situation develops going forward.