The ABR cubs of 2020 are being released! As you know, siblings are released together, and all cubs are released as near as possible to the places where they were found, because bears, even cubs, have an incredible homing instinct.

On January 7, 2021, Dumplin’, Tweetsie, and Sassafras Bear were taken back to their home ranges. Today we’ll focus on Dumplin’ Bear.

When he arrived on May 6th of 2020, Dumplin’ was about 3 months old and weighed just 6 pounds.
The vets at UTCVM found him to be basically healthy.
He was introduced to Ferdinand in the Hartley House.
Two days later, Dumplin’s sister, Tweetsie joined the cubs. The three of them were outside in Wild Enclosure #1.
Dumplin’ went into the Cubby Pool, by accident (or on purpose, we don’t know).
The little cub was growing!
Dumplin’ was a relaxed cub.
The three cubs were a busy group.
Bear cubs grow fast! Dumplin’ was about ready for release. As you know, Ferdinand was released a few days earlier.
A trio of bigger bears – Ferdinand and the two siblings.
Dumplin’ was weighed – he is 86.6 pounds now!
Look at his big paw!
Curators Janet and Tom take a footprint.
Dumplin’ has a healthy mouth with nice, strong teeth.
Ready to go home, Dumplin’ is in the transport carrier.

Next up will be Dumplin’s sister, Tweetsie Bear. Watch for her in our next post.