In our last post we showed how the ABR curators were getting ready for upcoming releases of cubs. The two Kentucky male cubs, Ferdinand and Harlan, went through the workup process and were released back home in Kentucky on January 7th.

As usual, we will look back at their lives at ABR to see how much they grew.

We all remember tiny little Ferdinand being found in a field of cows who seemed very interested in the little fur baby.
Weighing only about 6 pounds at three months of age, Ferdinand was a sick little bear. He had to spend a few days in the ICU at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.
It didn’t take long for him to improve.
Soon, he met two other cubs when Dumplin’ and his sister, Tweetsie, joined him.
The three cubs became friends and soon they were in Wild Enclosure #1.
Ferdinand was thriving and growing bigger.
On release day, Curator Coy discussed the procedure with Dr. Sheldon and Dr. Ready. Curator Quanah was ready, too.
Curators Terry, Matthew, Tori, and Tom are ready to get to work.
Ferdinand was weighed – a hefty 83 pounds!
He is a big, healthy bear cub!
Samples were taken for the record.
What big feet Ferdinand has!
Ferdinand is loaded into the transport carrier.
Soon he was awake and waiting for Harlan.

Tomorrow we’ll complete this release story by revisiting Harlan and his life at ABR. Then both of our Kentucky boys will be ready to go home. We’ll see you then.