Our last post was about the snow (6 inches!) that fell at ABR, and how the cubs in enclosures 1 and 2 were enjoying it. Of course the snow did not fall inside Hartley House, where Clover Bear is residing, so she missed out on the fun. She had her own fun. though, with her stuffed bear companions and those nice, big bowls that she enjoys so much.

Clover sleeps on her bed, instead of in a bowl. Is she mimicking the sleeping position of Not Clover? They look the same
As most cubs do, Clover moves around as she sleeps. Now she is next to her other Not Clover (or Not a Polar Bear) where she plays with a treat ball filled with grapes.
She rests on her stuffed friend, Not Clover. If you’re a bear cub, it’s good to nap several times during the day.

We missed posting a few photos the other day, before the snow, so want to share them now.

Something we see relatively often, thanks to the security cameras, is mutual tongue licking, or mouth grooming. It seems to be a bonding ritual practiced by the cubs.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 like to sleep in a big cubby pile. Wonder if they did that when it got so cold – we’re guessing they did.
The favorite place to snuggle seems to be at the base of this tree.

So there you have it – more insight into the behavior of cubs indoors and out. We are fortunate to be able to see these behaviors that are not seen in the wild.