Tennessee doesn’t usually get as cold as it did over Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we received about 6 inches of snow, and the temperature was down in the 20s. It got even colder Christmas Day, when the thermometer dropped into the single digits. Of course the bear cubs, with their thick, warm fur coats, didn’t mind a bit. They went about their business of foraging, sleeping, and wrestling as usual.

The cubs continued to forage shortly after dark, not bothered at all by the snow covering the ground (and their food).
Portrait of a black bear cub in white snow – a study in contrasts.
Sassafras Bear has a sprinkling of snow on her fur.
Sassafras visits the large drinking tub. It likely had some ice on the surface of the water.
Lavender sleeps peacefully on the snow-covered platform.
One of the Rainbow Triplets makes tracks through the snow, following a bear trail through the enclosure.
Two of the Triplets engage in a wrestling match/snowball fight.

Isn’t it fun to see the way the bear cubs take to this new dimension in their lives? Bears don’t experience the snow as often as other critters who don’t spend the winter sleeping, but the cubs took it in stride.