Our little (well, not so little now) cub #315, Clover Bear is really enjoying her mega-sized bowl. She sleeps in it, plays with it, climbs over it, and occupies a good bit of time interacting with it. More good news is that she has left her normal-sized water bowl alone for awhile.

It appears that the big bowl has dumped her out onto the bed. Taken shortly after midnight, the night camera shot shows her electric, glowing eyes.
We aren’t sure how this happened, but now she sits on the tipped over bowl.
Look at her water bowl, with the rock weight still inside – Clover has been distracted by the large bowl, and the smaller water bowl is still intact.

The weather is scheduled to turn very cold over the next couple of days, even providing us with a white Christmas. This won’t affect Clover, but it will be interesting to see how the outside cubs react.