Clover Bear is a comical little cub. She is very good at entertaining herself and finding ways to amuse herself by interacting with the various items in her room. Take her water bowl, for instance. We’ve seen how she insists on tipping it over, spilling the water on the floor. We’ve also seen the losing battle the curators have staged, trying to weight it down so she can’t tip it over. She’s a strong little bear, and the rocks they used as weights didn’t thwart her efforts. When the bowl is empty, she even tries getting inside – quite a challenge for such a chubby cubby.

We can’t see the bowl very well, because she completely covers it with her portly self.
Despite the crowded conditions, she actually was sleeping in her water bowl!
Curator Janet brought in an extra large bowl for Clover. What did she do?
Clover got inside, and it appeared that the bowl had eaten her! This “conversation” between the two stuffed bears tells what happened.
The “conversation” continues, describing what happened – the bowl didn’t hold her for long before spitting her out.
In full sploot, Clover rests, perhaps to sleep now, on her bed.

Funny little Clover. The good (and surprising) thing is that she does not show signs of stress due to her confinement in the Hartley House. Many of the cubs who needed to be confined in this way have all but torn the place apart, trying to get out. We are thankful that Clover is a patient patient, as she recovers and takes her meds. Good bear!