This post is about the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 and some of their shenanigans. They are not always following the correct procedures for bear cubs!

Sassafras and Aralia Bear are two of the ladies in Enclosure #1. Lovely ladies, indeed.
Ferdinand hides behind the leaves of a tree by the platform, looking coy.
Instead of slowing down, resting, and napping, sometimes they are rambunctious at night. They seem to like to retrieve the deer bone and play with it.
Look at the after dark shenanigans! This is not “proper behavior” for bears as hibernation approaches.

Let’s go over to Wild Enclosure #2 –

One of the Triplets (probably Lavender) looks down from her perch in a tree.
She may be watching the other two Triplets, Indigo and Juniper, wrestling.

The aforementioned “proper behavior” for bears at this time of year is to grow lethargic and sleepy, as their bodies prepare for a long winter sleep. ABR cubs – not so much! Of course they have plenty of food and water to drink, so they can just keep on with whatever activities they enjoy.