The weather has been quite cold and wet, which means that the cubs have been taking to the trees. Although they are protected from the weather by their warm fur coats that repel water very well, they seem to be more comfortable in treetops. Bear cubs are so comfortable in trees that they might be considered a semi-arboreal species.

But first, we’ll take a look at Downy Bear as she enjoys a peanut. Bear cubs do love their peanuts, and Downy shows how much this is true.

Downy is crunching a peanut and looks very happy.

Now to the wet and cold part.

A soggy night was followed by a cold, wet day. No cubs are on the ground in this view, but we can see a cub perched in a tree, thanks to the red arrow.
One of the Rainbow Triplets appeared to forage for a bit, then up the tree he/she went.
A couple of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 were foraging just before dawn.
They foraged, and then headed back up into the treetops.
Inside the Hartley House, Clover is warm and dry. She probably doesn’t know how lucky she is.
Clover is eating and sleeping in her room in the Hartley House.
Clover must have gone into the other room, but here is Not Clover (kind of hard to tell them apart at a glance), a full food bowl, and a full water bowl with a new “anti-tipping device” because Clover loves to upend her water bowl.

Here is an annotated photo that shows the outside of the enclosure, and how the curators are able to get the food into the enclosure without being seen.

Whether there are really monsters in the woods is not certain, but best that we don’t venture in to find out.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring in the way of weather with or without precipitation. We can be sure that it will be interesting to watch our cubs and how they react.