We don’t have any new photos for our post today, so we’ll give you a link to the Facebook Live that Curator Janet did on December 12th. You can watch as much as you wish – the first 10-15 minutes are an update on Clover Bear in the Hartley House, where you can see her playing and resting. Luckily, Clover seems to be comfortable, even though her confinement could cause stress. She has been in Hartley House a couple of times before, so it’s apparently easier for her to tolerate than it might be for another cub. As Curator Janet remarks, Clover is good at entertaining herself and interacting with whatever is there for her.

Later in the video, watch for the active cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 at night, doing some cubby-style wrestling and chasing of each other. It is quite funny.

Click here to watch the antics at ABR, both indoors (at Hartley House) and outdoors in Enclosure #1.