As we have said in recent posts, the ABR cubs are really slowing down and resting more and more as it gets closer to their hibernation time. Today we have photos from the security cams that reveal them in their new, lethargic phase. You can see how plump they are.

Some of the cubs together on the platform. They are not wrestling or play-fighting, nor are they foraging. Just resting and conserving their energy.
Aralia is in the center of the group, with her tongue out a bit. The cubs are just hanging out together.
Tongue-licking seems to be a bonding ritual between bears.
Three bears – ready for the story, as soon as we find Goldilocks!
Another bonding ritual, or sign of friendship between bears is shown by these two cubs touching noses.

Meanwhile, in Wild Enclosure #2 . . .

The Rainbow Triplets spent their time up in the trees.

As we can plainly see, all of these cubs are thriving and are going to be ready for their return to the wild when conditions permit. COVID has made releases more challenging, especially for cubs from other states (four of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 are from Kentucky).