A new experience for our 11 cubs happened as we had a snowstorm to usher in the month of December. The cubs had never seen snow, and it was a totally new experience.

Since it fell at night, the security cameras caught it while falling, and it looks like streaks, rather than flakes.
The cubbies huddled together to check out this interesting phenomenon. They licked it, pawed at it, licked it off of each other, and generally investigated the cold stuff.
In the enclosure next door, the Rainbow Triplets slept together on their platform. We’re sure they, too, had done their due diligence and checked out the frozen precipitation.

The snow on the platform soon became dark in color, much like the Cubby Broth in the pools, but it was fun while it lasted. With their fur coats, they are well protected from the cold and wet (their fur is nicely water repellent) but it is interesting to note that none of the cubs chose to crawl into one of the culvert dens to get out of the weather.