We have mentioned that the cubs, like their counterparts in the wild, are reaching the point when their eating has slowed somewhat, and their bodies are getting ready for impending winter sleep. While this is true, they definitely aren’t sleeping around the clock! Take this recent night.

Here we see a couple of the cubs sleeping on the platform. But look what went before this peaceful scene!
Earlier in the evening, they gathered to murdalize a sapling.
Soon they were rolling and wrestling near the poor sapling.
Then they gathered together to snooze and recharge their batteries.
Look at that peaceful lump of sleeping cubbies!
Peace was destroyed when one cub swatted another.
As we might expect, fighting ensued – Bam! Bop! Biff!
Until there was just one cub left standing.

The next morning, the Rainbow Triplets were up and foraging early, but not the Enclosure #1 cubs! That’s when they were sleeping, like in the first photo.

Rainbow Triplets, who weren’t so rowdy during the night, were up and about.
One of the Triplets could see the sleeping cubs next door from a perch on the tree.

We wonder what the Triplet thought about the “lazy neighbors.” Well, each cub can make his/her own schedule, and sleep or eat at their own time. They are all individuals.