The eleven cubs at ABR are now 10 months old! As you may recall, ABR has designated the date of January 22 as the “official birthdate” of all cubs and yearlings who come to our facility, so a few days ago they celebrated their 10 month birthday.

How did they celebrate, you may ask. Being bear cubs, they celebrated in their traditional way – forage, wrestle, demolish ABR saplings, rest, sleep, repeat.

All eight plump cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 foraged together.
The Rainbow Triplets, in Wild Enclosure #2, were waking up to start their day.
The Triplets made their way down to forage for their breakfast.

Since the Triplets were relocated to Enclosure #2, the curators are getting to work in Wild Enclosure #3, to prepare for the cubs of 2021.

A fun job for curators – mucking out the Cubby Pool! Seeing humans in the pool gives us a better idea of the size of the pool. It looks smaller with humans than with cubs in it.

We offer this next photo to help you visualize the ABR facility and the location of various buildings that are mentioned in our posts.

We can see where the Cub Nursery is located, as well as other landmarks.

The curators will be very busy in days to come as they prepare the enclosures as well as the other areas for cubs that will surely arrive next year.