Today we have some stills from the release video that the South Carolina Wildlife officers shared of Sunflower leaving the transport carrier and running to the woods of her home.

The truck arrived at the release site. Sunflower is in the wooden transport carrier in which she rode from Tennessee to South Carolina.
The gate is opened. It takes her a few moments to adjust.
She comes out of the transport carrier. . .
. . .And a big jump gets her off of the truck.
Without hesitation, she heads to the woods.
There she goes! Goodbye and good luck, Sunflower. Live a happy life as a wild and free bear. Please stay away from humans and dogs!

We are grateful to the SC wildlife officers for taking the video of her release. If you would like to see it (and see how quickly she took off to freedom) Curator Tory did a Facebook Live presentation and included that video at the very beginning. Click here to see Sunflower’s return to the wild, and watch the update on the eleven cubs who are still at ABR.