Friday the thirteenth was a lucky day for the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. They went home to their wild habitat and were released! Before we share the photos of their workup(s) we’ll take a trip back down Memory Lane and remember their lives at ABR.

Sisters Raven and Chickadee arrived in May.
Firefly was admitted on June 2nd.
Downy, Firefly’s sister, also arrived on June 2nd, and so did . . .
Flicker, the brother of Firefly and Downy.
Boomer came to ABR on July 5th.
All of these were tiny little cubs.
It wasn’t long before shenanigans took place in Wild Enclosure #2.
The cubs ate and got bigger.
They continued to grow.
As weeks went by, they got bigger. . .
. . . and bigger. . .
. . . and BIGGER!
The cubs had grown right before our eyes into fine, healthy bears!
They became beautiful, healthy bears.
The cubs became plump and chonky, too!

It’s fun to look back at these cubs, remembering how very small they were, and after they have thrived at ABR, enjoying the sight of these cubbies who are ready to go back to the wild, where they belong. Our next post will show how that very busy day went, preparing all of these cubs for release on the same day! Don’t miss it!