In our last post we shared the news that the three yearlings – Mulberry, Augustus, and Dahlia Bear, had been released. As promised, here is a recap of their lives at ABR.

Mulberry, ABR #316, arrived on July 18, 2020, weighing 31.8 pounds. He was having trouble adjusting to his independence.

Mulberry went into Acclimation Pen #4.
Within a few days, he was in Wild Enclosure #4.
He had the enclosure all to himself, and enjoyed resting on his platform.
He often struck what became known as his “centerfold pose.”
ABR #319, Augustus Bear, arrived on August 7. He went into Wild Enclosure #4, and that was the end of Mulberry’s sole occupancy. He was a bit smaller, weighing 29 pounds.
Augustus kept away from Mulberry.
Augustus and Mulberry ate at different times.
Each bear had his own platform, so they could stay apart.
Things changed when #320, Dahlia Bear, arrived in the enclosure.
Dahlia moved right up to Mulberry’s favorite spot.
Eventually, all three of the yearlings shared a platform and became friends.

And now, all three of these handsome, healthy yearlings are back in the wild where they belong. We wish them the best of luck and long, happy lives as wild bears.