The days are shorter and much cooler, with night temperatures at or near freezing. Of course, this kind of weather suits our bears just fine – with their nice, warm, fur coats they are as comfortable as can be. They all look very healthy, with shiny coats – as a result of all the good food they have eaten.

Here is Lavender, the female member of the Rainbow Triplets.
The triplets spent the night on their sleeping platform.
They forage in the early morning sunshine. They are getting used to foraging outside or eating inside the Acclimation Pen.
Cubs forage in Wild Enclosure #2.
Firefly discovers the “bones” of the swingy ball.
Even the innards of a swingy ball are fun – Firefly chews on the bones.
What an interesting position Clover is in!
Downy is a good-looking bear!
Three siblings together – Firefly, Flicker, and Downy.

The bears are looking great. They are healthy and soon will be ready for their return to the wild! Stay tuned.