No, this isn’t a repeat of our last post, it’s just that we have a collection of photos of sleeping cubs that we want to share. As you know, the little bears play hard (in between their meals and snacks) and their batteries must be recharged every now and then.

Six of the eight cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 slept on the platform.
The other two – Siblings Dumplin’ and Tweetsie – were engaged in tongue-licking, which seems to be a means of comforting each other.
Ferdinand snuggled up to a tree.
Six of the E2 cubs slept on the brush pile. They seem to find it comfortable.
These two are nice and plump!
Two of the Rainbow Triplets. Lavender is trying to awaken Indigo.
Juniper found a place for some peace and quiet.
Augustus is in his usual resting place.
On the other yearling platform, we see only one of the usual twosome.
In the morning, however, there are the two yearlings we usually see together, playing (or wrestling) by a tree.

It’s good to see that the cubs and yearlings do know how to unwind and get the needed rest. They will be doing more of this as the time for their hibernation gets closer.