The Wild Enclosure #2 cubs aren’t the only ones who make up games to play, not by a long shot. Today we take a look at some other amusements dreamed up by other cubs.

The Rainbow Triplets, in Wild Enclosure #3, have a log game that is interesting to watch.
It seems to us who are watching that the object of the game is for one cub to hide inside the log, while the others block the entrance, preventing the hiding cub from coming out.
Here we can see the triplet who is blocking the exit, and the third triplet. on top of the log.
Oops! What happened? The triplet in the log is left out of the game, as the other two are distracted by the drinking tub.
Oh well. The triplet from the log is distracted by the swingy ball.

Another game that is very popular is the Sleeping Cub Game. It can be played almost anywhere in any of the enclosures. This happens to be in Enclosure #2.

Cubs can sleep anywhere. It doesn’t look appealing or comfortable to us, but it’s fine for a cub.
It seems that an important part of this game is to wake up the sleeping cub.

The intelligence of bears (including cubs) can be seen in their ability to invent different ways to amuse themselves and each other. For us, it just makes for entertainment. It’s also important to note that bear cubs are very easily distracted.